Happy Birthday for kids in english and french

A very happy birthday party for kids with games,music and dance, small gifts for the kids during the event,popet theather,magic show [the bithday kid is the proformer] and balloons sculpture from long qualitex ballopns.

I have 12 years of expirience with kids,as a teacher in kiden-gardens in israel. 


price for 1 hour/hour and half/2 hours of birthday party:

sunday - 500/600/700 ils.

monday-thursday - 550/650/750 ils

friday+satuarday and holidays - 700/800/900 ils


Full party activity for the kids [ 2 hours] , with 3 food stands [hot-dogs,popcorn and sweat cotton] and decoration with balloons and baners, with special gigt for the birthday kid, small gifts for all children and balloons, games and music,  large candy bag for every kid:


Sunday - 2700 ils.

monday - thursday - 2900 ils.

friday - satuarday + holydays - 3500 ils.



birthday cake at your choice - 450-990 ils

puffs for kids insurance includes and someone to watch over the kids prices for sunday - thursday/weekends and holydays:

1 puff - 850/990 ils.

2 puffs - 1450/1750 ils.

3 puffs - 2500/2800 ils.

prices are good for Tel - Aviv / Herzelia / Kfar - saba / Ra'anana / Ramat - Hasharon area. Prices are subject to change in other areas of Israel. Thank you.




Special service for your guests:

menu for adults: sandwiches with cheese/meat,fruite plates,cheese plate,meat plate, cakes and salty pasteries,sushi plates,wine and soft drinks. several menus at your choice with full servise from me including delivery,napkins,caps,cutlery, glaces and more.

special price for large order.

you can join my group on facebook: shirley's magical events for tips and new ideas.

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Events planning: weddings,engagemant party,shabat-hatan,bar-mitzva,brith,heena party,shower party for women and all happy event.


All the best atraction such as fire-works, photography,di-j,singing and dancing bands,samba and carnival,catering at your choice,special places for the event, equipment rental for the event and more.


I am with you to assist and advise you,full service to make your dream come true.


Please contact me: mobile phone-054-4524393 or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It's my pleasure to serve you.